• AP US History

    Instructor: Mr. Rishe

    AP US History is an accredited course designed to prepare NNCS students for the AP US History exam.  The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions, 2 standard essays and one DBQ essay. Depending on the student's score on the AP Exam, college credit may be earned.  Most state colleges award credit for a 3 or higher.  The higher the student's score the greater the number of college's which will assign credit.

Class Announcements

  • Essay Re-Writes

    Standard essays are assigned in class on most Fridays. Students are graded on a 9 point rubric. A 9 is recorded in the grade book as a 100, 8=95, 7=90, 6=80, 5=70, 4 and lower must be re-written. Students will be allowed to re-write their essay and raise their grade to a 90. Students must come in during a free period or after school to re-write the essay. They will be given the same 35 minute …

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  • QUIZ retakes

    Students may retake the MC Quizzes and raise their grade.

    They may schedule an appointment with me after school or they may come in to my classroom during the day if they have a free period. I will allow students to raise their quiz grade to a 90. Retakes should be completed within a week of their receipt of the graded quiz.

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  • Grading Policy

    Class Participation/Homework 20 %

    Quizzes (may be retaken) 20 %

    Essays (may be rewritten) 20 %

    Tests MC and DBQ 40 %

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