• Forensics

    Instructor: Miss Dodds

    Students will do hands-on activities and labs that are similar to actual lab procedures performed by forensic technicians and crime scene investigators. 

    We'll be looking at topics such as fingerprinting, DNA analysis, blood spatter, hair and fiber analysis, evidence-gathering, death and decomposition, forensic entomology (bugs!), and forensic anthropology. 

    True crimes will also be analyzed and forensic evidence examined - for example, how was Ted Bundy finally apprehended?

    We'll even get to watch some CSI and Forensic Files!


    Find more class info on my Google Sites webpage: Science 7 and Forensics


    Miss Dodds' Schedule 2019-20

    Period 1 - Science 7

    Period 2 - Science 7

    Period 3 - Planning

    Period 4 - Forensics

    Period 5 - Science 7

    Period 6 - Science 7


    Period 7 - Science 7

    Period 8 - Homework Lab


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