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    Grades UPK-4 Guidance Counselor

    Instructor: Mrs. French

    The role of the UPK-4 Guidance Program is to assist in preparing all students to participate effectively in their current and future educational settings. The goal is to be pro-active within the school community in the development of life-enhancing choices and behaviors, and to facilitate the achievement of each child's full potential.

    The Counselor provides individual and group counseling to students with specific needs. Parents and teachers can make referrals for these services. Parent permission is required for children to participate in individual or group counseling on a continuous basis.

    The Counselor also works with classroom teachers in providing lessons to children that increases self-knowledge, friendship skills, and the ability to solve problems.

    Consulting with parents is an important part of the Counselor's role. By working together, parents, teachers and counselor can share expertise on how to best support a child. A parent can make an appointment to see the  Counselor, Mrs. Carrie French, by calling the school (353-6674) or emailing her directly at cfrench@nncsk12.org.

    Individual Counseling
    Individual counseling is provided in both crisis situations and referral from a teacher, parent, or the Committee on Special Education. Written permission from parents is required for ongoing school counseling support. Any student experiencing difficulty in school due to home or school issues is eligible for individual counseling. Students with issues that require more intense assistance or whose needs cannot be met within the confines of school will be referred to the appropriate office or agency. 

    Character Education
    "Character Education is a national movement creating schools that foster ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values that we all share. It is the intentional, proactive effort by schools, districts, and states to instill in their students important core, ethical values such as respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline. It provides long-term solutions that address moral, ethical, and academic issues that are of growing concern about our society and the safety of our schools." (ncpublicschools.org/charactereducation/)

    Norwood-Norfolk Elementary School encourages good character and citizenship through monthly assemblies and classroom activities. The character themes for the 2018-2019 are:

Monthly Assemblies

  • Our K-4th Grade School Assemblies will take place at the beginning of each month.     We hope you will join us to celebrate our achievements, learn about citizenship, and honor our Students of the Month.