Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. LaShomb

Period 1:  Study Hall

Period 2:  Statistics

Period 3:  Int. Algebra

Period 4:  Int. Algebra

Period 5A:  Int. Algebra

Period 5B:  Lunch

Period 6:  AIS-Geometry (1,3,5)

Period 7:  Int. Algebra (MS)

Period 8:  AIS-Algebra (2,4,6)

  • Algebra I  Common Core Units


    Unit #1:  Review Concepts - Intro to the Common Core in Algebra

                -Rounding, Percents, Integer Review

                -Properties (Comm.  Associative, Distributive, Properties of Equality

                -Mult. Binomials,

                -Substitution, Regrouping,

                -Translating English into Algebra, Labeling Variables


    Unit #2:  Linear Equations

                -Solving all types of linear equations with one variable, and fractions

                -Linear Word Problems (Defining Variables, Money Questions, Conecutive Int.)

                -Rearranging equations to solve for a specific variable (Literal Equations)


    Unit #3:  Solving Inequalities with one variable


                -Rules, graphing, Word Problems

                - Compound Inequalities, Interval Notations


    Unit #4:  Intro. To Functions


    • Definitions, Function Notation, Graphing Calculator Work,
    • Average rate of Change
    • Reading a Graph and appropriate scales
    • Domain, Range, Intervals of Increase/Decrease..all graphical features
    • Simplifying a function


    Unit #4(b):  Linear Functions and Sequences


    • Proportional Relationships and Conversions
    • Review on Graphing Linear Functions and their features (AGAIN!)
    • Recognizing parts of the linear function (y = mx + b)
    • Vertical and Horizontal Lines, and y = x  y = -x…
    • Writing Functions, LINREG
    • Arithmetic Sequences


    Unit #5:  Systems


    • Linear Systems, Substitution, Elimination, Graphically
    • Quadratic and Linear Systems by Graphing


    Unit #6:  Exponents


    • Exponent rule review, zero power, negative exponents
    • Exponential Functions vs. Linear
    • Exponential Word Prob. Y = abx  with  percent problems
    • Percent Increase and Decrease Word Problems (Decay and Growth)
    • EXPREG on calculator
    • Geometric Sequences

    Unit #7:  Polynomials


    • Standard Form, Leading Coefficients, Operations
    • Factoring (ALL METHODS…let me know if you need me to list them all)


    Unit #8:  Quadratic Functions


                -Intro, Recognition, Zeroes

                -Graphing Word Prob.,

                -Shifted Parabolas

                -Vertex Form by C.T.S.

                -Solving QE by factoring and C.T.S., and inverse operation

                -Cubic Functions


    Unit #9:  Square Roots and Quadratic Formula


                -Square Roots, Simplest Radical Form

                -Irrational vs. Rational

                -Quadratic Formula, Finding Zeroes Algebraically (Also C.T.S.)


    Unit #10:  Statistics


                -Box Plots, Quartiles, Outliers

                -Percent, Central Tendency, Mean, Standard Deviations,

                -Two Way Tables, Bivariate Data, Correlation Coefficients

                -Best Fit Lines, Residuals