•  Miss Dodds

    Science 7

    Instructor: Mrs. Dodds



    This year we will be learning about Safety and Lab Skills, The Nature of Science (Engineering Design and Scientific Method), Matter and ITs Interactions (Atoms, Molecules, General Chemistry), Photosynthesis and Respiration, Interactions of Organisms and Biodiversity, Rocks, Plate Tectonics, Natural Hazards (Volcanoes and Earthquakes) and Natural Resources.


    Please also check out the Google Classroom for each class period, as we will be using that for communication and posting assignments. 


    Period 1 Science 7

    Period 2 Science 7

    Period 3 Prep/Team Meeting

    Period 4 Science 7

    Period 5 Science 7

    Period 6 Science 7


    Period 7 Homework Lab

    Period 8  Forensic Science

    I often stay after school to assist students. Students need to let me know by lunch time of their intention to stay after with me. 


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