• 3rd Grade

    Instructor: Ms. Beauchamp

                 Fifth grade science is broken up into many sections that outline the systems of the body. We start out with the framework of the body which is the skeletal system, then the muscular system that helps the skeleton move. From there, we learn how we receive and use oxygen through the respiratory system. Then, we discuss how the oxygen gets to the body cells with the circulatory system. The next system we discover is the digestive system. Here we learn how the body fuels cells with food nutrients. We discuss the process of digestion and the jobs of specific organs that process the food nutrients. The next system deals with the body's cell waste through the excretory system. The final system we learn about is the nervous system. At this stage we start looking at the whole body and how the systems work together to support each other.
                 Fifth grade science then focuses on some environmental topics. We discuss oceans; their structure and functions. We look at the different ways that the ocean affects us and how we effect the water environment. Lastly, we investigate different species their environments and  their classification.

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